Frequently Asked Questions

Q.        Why should I give you my work?

A.         We believe our future is building relationships with our customers not just
            as a supplier. We have grown our company to provide solutions for your
            needs now and in the future.

Q.         I am worried your company is too big for my needs. I want some
            stationery and possibly some flyers to introduce my company and I have
            no idea where to start?

A.         We have no problem with small or large jobs. We can help you with
            branding your company image and rolling it out to work best for you. If you
            already have your company logo, we can work with you to optimise your
            budget to best suit your needs.

Q.        To get the best prices we currently use half a dozen different printers.
            How can we reduce our administration burden whilst maintaining
            competitive pricing?

A.         "Total Solution" Print Management Programs are designed by us to
            guarantee total spend reductions to your business. Indirect costs are
            reduced by having one management source that combines centralised
            purchasing and control with decentralised billing and reporting. Our
            Total Solution allows you to focus on controlling gains within the
            program whilst we manage the production and distribution of your printed
            materials Australia wide.

Q.        We don't like dealing through a broker, I just want to deal direct with a
            manufacturer. So why should I use you?

A.         We offer all our customers the right to use our manufacturing company if
            that is what they want. All we are saying is that should you require any
            additional products and services, or should your circumstances or
            structure change, then we have the capability and capacity to handle those

Q.        We spend 3% of our print expenditure on business cards, but it seems
            like 10 times that to administer the proofs and changes. How can we
            reduce our administration costs and problems?

A.         We provide access to electronic ordering and proofing facilities for our
            customers. Create your own proof, print a hard copy if required and submit
            your order by email. There is no need for you to read faxed proof copies
            anymore. In addition to business cards, order your stationery on-line using
            the Web Form ordering system. Online image libraries are provided so
            that users can view the object prior to ordering.

Q.        We do not require a Total Solution Print Management Company. So how
            can you help us?

A.         We do not dictate to our customers what kind of service they must have.
            Instead we work WITH our clients and only provide the services that best fit
            their needs.