What is Print Management?

Print Management is the supply of


The benefits available to you through the
implementation of our program are numerous.
Below are the most common improvements our
clients receive:


Guaranteed reductions of your total spend
in the first year of our program.
Reduced administration via improved
purchasing methods and reduction in
Regular reporting provides actual usage and
supports effective budgeting.
Improved productivity through forms
rationalisation, reduced wastage and
inventory levels.
Web based ordering reduces administration
costs throughout the entire organisation.


Corporate image and quality standard
benchmarks are setand achieved.
Print directory guarantees ordering accuracy.
Stock continuity is guaranteed.
Flexibility in selection of products and services
you need.
Warehousing, Distribution and pick and pack facilities.


The Benefits of Print Management

Our Print Management Program will reduce the direct and indirect costs of your print requirements. Establishing centrally controlled purchasing results in less time spent administering print buying and worrying about nil stock situations.


1.        PRINT AUDIT -The collection of every            item used by your organisation is            completed. The collected data is our            information database, which allows            detailed analysis of your usage.
2.        PRINT DIRECTORY - Contains samples            of all forms collected and coded in the            Print Audit.
3.        PRINT CATALOGUE - Is an electronic            version of the Print Directory. It contains            all of the item codes, information            specific to each item, purchasing            history and all data that is used to            provide your Print Management            report functions.
4.        PRINT CO-ORDINATOR - We ask that            you appoint one print coordinator to            manage the initial implementation and            to make decisions for the future            direction of your program. If you have more            than one division or locationactively using            ourprogram thenwe suggest one person            perlocation to be responsible for the            requirements of their section.

Detailed brochures to better explain our print management programs are available. Please call us and we will gladly mail or deliver to you, otherwise click on the link below for a outline PDF file format NatPrint Program Information and Services