Artwork Specifications

Standard Print/Sheet Sizes

These are standard sheet sizes but we can print to your specifications if required

Page / Sheet Sizes
 A0     841 x 1189mm
A1      594 x 841mm
A2      420 x 594mm
A3      297 x 420mm
A4      210 x 297mm
A5      148 x 210mm
 DL      100 x 210mm
         With Comps

DL     220 x 110mm
C4     229 x 324mm
C5     162 x 229mm
 DLX   120 x 235mm
            window face B11   90 x 145mm

Business Cards
90 x 55mm
guideline only

Brochure - Folded
210 x 297mm
 DL x 3 panels

We have artwork services available, from designing
branding for your company, to basic stationery,
brochures/flyers, corporate booklets, newsletters,
promotional material etc.

We also accept artwork from you or your graphic
department but ask that it conforms to the
minimum standards.

Image File Types
Images file:
tif, bitmap, eps, ai, Jpeg (hi-res)
Colour Mode: CYMK (4 colour process),
Greyscale and Mono.
We can not be responsible for files supplied in RGB
format during conversion to CYMK
Image Resolution: Minimum of 300dpi at actual
print size unless requested otherwise

File Formats
In-Design, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, CorelDraw,
CorelPaint and Press Ready PDF's. Files created in
Microsoft Word, Publisher, Pagemaker and Quark
Express will be accepted, however they will need to be checked by our art department before we can actually
go to print.

If files are in raw format we require fonts to be
embeddedor supplied separately, otherwise turn
them all to outline or curves.

Please note that for Display Stands, Banners, Disk
Labels etc some industry standards and sizes need
to be followed. We will provide specific information on request.